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Rstudio Server is installed on the GPU cluster and is available at As the software doesn't offer an account creation page, prospective users need to request an account from Admin.

The browser version looks similar to the desktop version of the Rstudio IDE. With a parallel package you can use most of he cores on the cpu1 node


  • Rstudio has a built-in bash terminal
  • Git is available
  • Users can install R packages individually i.e. packages are not shared system-wide with other users.
  • The Rstudio interface allows uploading and downloading files.
Rstudio runs in a new sandboxed environment, so don't be alarmed if you see an empty home folder
This is the free version (not professional). Users can't run multiple sessions in multiple tabs. It also lacks advanced monitoring and login options

Administration details

  • We are running a recent docker image from the Rocker project.
    • It is run by 3 prolific data scientists. Hosts multiple images, including some with cuda libraries.
    • The container is on cpu1, it is behind our reverse proxy.
  • Rstudio Server has a login system based on Linux users with home folders
  • Respinning the container wipes user accounts but preserves their home data in a named volume rstudiovol.
    • So just recreate the user and they can access their packages like before.