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User accounts are required for shell access to our HPC nodes, including remote desktop usage.

Account creation

User accounts for the GPU cluster must be created by someone with administrative-level access to the servers.

The standard process is:

  • Request account from Admin
  • Receive ID and password via email or WhatsApp.

After this, the user will have a private folder on /home/[userID] that can't be accessed by non-admins.


Users can connect via ssh. Refer to the server spec table for the IP or URL.

Change your password (recommended)

  • Change your password upon first login, using the command passwd. Don't use a weak password.

Deactivate your anaconda environment (optional)

The Anaconda base environment may be activated by default when you first log in. To prevent this automatic activation type: conda config --set auto_activate_base false. The modifications to $PATH have been associated with buggy remote desktop issues.