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The space from the GPU cluster is rented from HKU CPOS. No guest is allowed in the data centre. For vendor onsite support, user should contact CPOS at least 1 day before the access request. Access to the data centre must be accompanied by CPOS IT personnel.

There are no monitor / keyboard / mouse in the server room and you may bring along required devices in your visit. A special power cable is required to connect the monitor to the UPS power supply (this cable may be available on-site). A key is also required, ask Cao Peng for it.

physical access should be a last resort to fix problems.
Node Dell Service Tag Rack position (top=1, bottom=5)
gpu1 DS34HZ2 1
gpu2 DRT6HZ2 2
gpu3 DS18HZ2 3
cpu1 D2D5HZ2 4
storage1 D2F6HZ2 5
Server rack front.jpg