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The Enterprise Access System was made available to our department in late May 2022. It is a product from General Electric and includes a server located in the LG3 MRI unit and a remote PACS storage depot using Hong Kong-based Amazon S3 storage.

The remote PACS is called HKEA01 and serves as an additional backup endpoint for our department scans. The EA server in our department allows users to access a control panel called the CAEM console. This console can be used to transfer data from one PACS system to another. The EA server also runs it's own PACS server called TESTARCHIVE which can be used, in combination with command line tools, to bulk-retrieve scans from HKEA01

The specifications of the EA server are as follows:

Storage 10 TB
OS Windows 11
RAM Unknown
CPU Unknown

Accessing the EA server

Users must be on a designated terminal at the MRI unit and login with the Windows Remote Desktop feature. Credentials are:

  • user: Admin
  • ip: 192.xxx.xxx.xxx

Accessing the CAEM console

Current users must first access the EA server to use the web console. A shortcut is on the desktop. In theory the firewall could be relaxed to allow direct web access from remote clients.

Housekeeping protocol for TESTARCHIVE

Users should clear existing data before starting new data collection, there are scripts on the desktop to do this.