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Any department/faculty that needs to register (sub)domain names on the HKU network should submit the form CF60 " Application for Host Computer Node/Sub-Domain Name" via HKU Portal => Campus Information Services => Central IT Service => Apply for Facilities/Services.

The form must be filled in by a staff member with a department webmaster account (eform CF106).

Our current registered domains are:

  • -> (storage1)

Subdomain delegation

Each department can only apply for a maximum of 5 sub-domain names from ITS. For departments who wish to apply for more than 5, they have to set up their own Domain Name Server (DNS) and maintain their sub-domain names. The domain name of the DNS will be, e.g. This will allow them to resolve all tier 4 domains, e.g. using the previous example: *

Reverse proxying is easier using domains. Using reverse proxying based on symmetric pathing requires services to have unique paths, i.e. services can't all host on /.